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    Fake five pound note. Double sided, original size, the colouring is perfect, feels and acts just like real thing. Litho printing for perfect finish as used in real minting process. You will NOT find anything like this elsewhere. Chemically treated to achieve a high quality finish almost identical. Tallow extract from cows milk to stop notes from sticking together.
    We offer a “sample note” tester option for each of our products. We are so confident in our work. This is available for shipment throughout the UK and Europe ( FREE shipping on orders over £50 or €55).
    Years experience and heavy investment have made our product almost identical to the real thing! This is the result of one mans life long work and now he wants to share it.
    High quality equipment used in the counterfeiting process. Imported ink and high grade chemicals – as used in genuine minting of pound notes.

    – Original weight and dimensions 

    – Double sided

    – High quality waterproof print

    – Real POLYMER look PAPER

    – UV Markings

    – Same serial number (may change depending on batch)

    – Unnoticeable legal reproduction markings

    – The closest you can get to the real deal legally

    PLEASE NOTE- We are not responsible for any illegal use of our notes. We are against the use of these notes to attempt to be used in a dishonest or unlawful way. Our replica notes are NOT legal tender and any attempt to use them as such would be illegal. We take no responsibility or liability for any action involving our products. See refund policy
    This is Prop Money designed for on camera.
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