Best money – money can buy…. Euros + Pounds

About us

We have been a leader in the note industry in the United Kingdom for over 5 years. We have operated many different names through our former websites producing the highest quality pound notes sold online legally. We are now happy to have mastered Euro notes. You will not find a higher quality product legally.

All of our products are printed and later perfected by hand in the UK. We produce the highest quality notes available online.

We are master fabricators producing high quality print plates ourselves.

All notes are exactly the same weight and dimensions as original, all double sided prints, with the real feel of polymer for £5 -£20 and cotton paper for £50 notes. UV markings and various security features such as holograms.

How are our notes made? Our £10 and NEW £20 printed with high quality waterproof print onto our notes, they feel smooth, crisp and like the real polymer notes.  Treated with our own blend of a chemical solution to add crisp. Our notes are also complete with holograms to simulating the original holographic strip. Our notes are uniquely made to the highest standard. Any other site claiming that they can supply you with notes are not legit. We have challenged them all. There are no other sites offering the service we provide